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About Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog! Store

 Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog! Store is owned by its parent company Rodifer Animation Company.

Rodifer Animation Company is a limited liability company registered in the state of Louisiana, and founded in the Summer of 2016. Rodifer's corporate office is located on world-famous St. Charles Avenue, just two blocks from the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Rodifer Animation Company has a very strong business model in place, in which we concentrate on one area, then slowly expand.

The first phase of Rodifer Animation Company is our retail and branding phase. Through retail products for children, our goal is enhance the lives of children and put a smile on their faces. This phase includes selling via our online retail store, and slowly expanding into other online retail spaces, including Amazon, Pinterest, Zazzle & other online marketplaces.

The second phase of Rodifer Animation Company includes bringing our characters to life via publishing. The first book in the Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog! series is entitled Chester Leo & The Haunted House of Clayton, and is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2016.

The third and final phase of Rodifer Animation Company will include bringing Chester Leo: The Puppy Dog! & his friends to life via animated animated films. Stay tuned! There are many exciting things to come from Rodifer Animation Company!


The founder of Rodifer Animation Company, Chad Valiant, began his career in Los Angeles in the Fall of 2000. There, he worked as a production assistant for Sony Pictures Television on the TV show Battledome. Once Battledome wrapped production, Chad moved onto Digital Domain, the famed visual FX company founded by James Cameron, the director of Titanic.

After several years in Los Angeles, Chad moved to New Orleans to be closer to family. Throughout his years in New Orleans, Chad continued his production experience, working freelance for such companies as Turnhere Internet Video (now called Smartshoot), Yahoo!, and ESPN.